Hi! My name is Lindsey.

I am a photographer, artist, and graphic designer living in the stunning rollings hills of Westminster, Maryland!

Some of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer include meeting new friends, photo-adventuring, brainstorming gorgeous shoot ideas together, and celebrating all of your life milestones in a creative, meaningful way. I would love to meet you for coffee and chat about your wedding!

Custom Wedding Art & Graphic Design

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Maternity Photography & Nursery Art


Botanical Milk Bath

Custom ethereal botanical milk bath photography: perfect for maternity sessions and documenting your pregnancy glow, or for any occasion where you wish to feel like a Pre-Raphaelite painting come to life! Gift Certificates are available.


Wildflower Session

I love nothing more than photo-adventuring with couples through gorgeous landscapes and incorporating ALL the flowers! Perfect for maternity sessions, anniversaries, and more!