Hello! My name is Lindsey.

I grew up loving photography, and spent many joyful afternoons on photographic adventures with friends, capturing all the fleeting moments and exploring all the interesting angles I could. Throughout high school and college, I took fine art photography classes, spending countless hours in the darkroom, refining editing skills on the computer, and out on the field practicing my passion.

In May 2017, I happily married my best friend, Chris, and embarked upon a wonderful new lifelong adventure! 


I fell in love with the creative process of weddings, and wanted to share in that joy with other couples. It is an honor to support couples as they prepare for their commitment of marriage and all the important life moments beyond. My job is not only to capture and celebrate all your life milestones together, but also to encourage you to enjoy every day together - to appreciate all the beautiful, magical moments in time. As an enthusiastic creative collaborator for your wedding day dreams, I strive to preserve and showcase all the qualities that make you wonderfully unique!


Photography Style

I focus on capturing expressive moments and composing photographs in a way that is timelessly elegant, and captures the genuine emotion, vibrancy, and beauty inherent in your uniqueness. My style is a blend of lifestyle, artistic, and photojournalistic approaches, while also getting all the essential portraits! Luminous weddings are photographed and edited with attention to detail to produce visually lush, beautiful heirloom photos that will stand the test of time.

My style is also influenced by my love of art history: Art Nouveau, Pre-Raphaelites, Romanticism, Medieval art & illuminated manuscripts, Impressionism, and Northern Italian Renaissance art. I adore visiting museums and galleries as often as possible, filling my mind with inspiration by pouring over the details of masterpieces in these styles.

As an artist by trade, I love to look at the world with a fresh, creative perspective. I will always go above and beyond to capture that perfect shot! Working with Luminous, you will get photos that will stand the test of time. A good, well-composed photograph starts with the fundamentals of art and design. Trends may come and go, but the images of your wedding day will last a lifetime.



I have two degrees in Art Education & Advertising Art, and over 10+ years experience running a business in the arts - working as an artist, photographer and graphic designer. Besides photographing beautiful dream weddings, my past clients include individuals from all around the world, large companies, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Do not fear: no matter what, I will have your big day covered, and will portray you and your loved ones in their very best light!


I Adore:

  • My husband Chris, who is a wonderful life partner in every way!

  • Loving & serving couples as they prepare for marriage (& beyond!)

  • Drawing & watercolor painting

  • Visiting botanical gardens & art museums

  • Romantic & eclectic bohemian aesthetic: Lace, velvet, lush & dramatic details, bold style, and all the flowers! I adore all the timeless, elegant classics as well.

  • Traveling to new places at home and abroad (So far, I have been to Ireland, Germany, Austria, Canada, & Bermuda!)

  • Cuddling my lively tortoiseshell cat Celeste

  • Natural botanical perfumery

  • Sipping ALL the tea & decadent coffees

  • Pouring over aesthetic inspiration (Hello, Pinterest!)

  • Designing & painting colorful, expressive murals

  • Invitation design, graphic design, & hand lettering

  • Exploring for vintage treasures and antiques

  • Appreciating new music & food from around the world

  • Rainforest Trust - a portion of wedding photography proceeds are donated directly towards preserving our earth's beautiful vanishing rainforests!


Locations & Travel


I love to travel, so please feel free to contact me even if your event is far away. Luminous is available both locally and globally to photograph your special day!

I am easily able to coordinate weddings within driving distance of:

  • Lancaster, PA

  • Williamsport, PA

  • Anywhere in PA, MD, NJ / NE Coast

  • Boston, MA / Hingham, MA

  • Washington DC / Northern VA

  • Asheville, NC

  • Chicago, IL

  • Augusta / Atlanta, GA

  • Willing to travel anywhere!

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