Business Photography Feature - Lumina Noctis // Artisan Botanical Perfumery & Herbal Apothecary

Some of you may know that along with photography and graphic design, I love natural perfumery and herbal skincare. I recently orchestrated a stylized photoshoot for my botanical boutique Lumina Noctis, highlighting some of my favorite handmade natural products. Here are a few sneak peeks of the freshly edited promotional product shots! (More are coming soon, but they won't be released until the new website is launched).

As always, Luminous Creative Studio is dedicated to supporting other small businesses and artisans. I would love nothing more than to set up a photography session for your business, whether you need new product photos, fresh content for social media, headshots, and more. Please feel free to visit for more examples of my graphic design / branding work as well: Whatever you dream, we can accomplish it together! 

All photographs, editing, branding, art direction, product concept, development and production are by me. Special thanks to lovely model Meg Eubank for providing gorgeous costuming and displaying these Lumina Noctis products with such elegance and grace! 


ROSE FACIAL SERUM - This heavenly all natural triple rose facial serum is carefully made with a time intensive process of extracting the rich floral essence from rose petals, combined with a beautiful rose oil and lightweight antioxidant rich proprietary plant carrier oil that is excellent for all skin types. It leaves your skin moisturized, smooth, and divinely scented.

Friends, I LIVE for this serum. I use it all year long, and is an absolute life-saver in winter. I honestly don't know how people do life in winter without it! It helps my makeup go on smoothly and smells incredible. I also enjoy using it to tame flyaways, as a luxurious hair oil, and to add moisture love to any area that needs it.

Lumina Noctis Rose Facial Serum has a beautiful, romantic scent of perfumer's rose, elevating your skincare regimen into a daily beauty ritual for body, mind, and soul. Available here:


KUMQUAT BLOSSOM PERFUME - Handmade drop by drop, this perfume features notes of euphoric kumquat, uplifting orange blossom, neroli, lemon blossom, nectarine, peach, black currant, orange, green apple, lemon, and green mandarin notes atop a heart of floral jasmine, lily, ylang, and honey, with a hint of earthy vetiver in the drydown.

Kumquat Blossom is a unique white-floral scent with a bitter orange heart to give it depth and complexity. This scent is special to Luminous Creative Studio's endeavors in particular, as it has been a hit at my wedding photography expos. I spray some of it around my booth, and within minutes people flock to my booth saying "OH, what is that wonderful smell?!" 

This perfume is available here:


JASMINE FACIAL SERUM - 100% Natural Floral Jasmine, Green Tea, & Healing Botanical Antioxidant Serum // Romantic Jasmine Scent with Nourishing Evening Primrose, Meadowfoam, & Jojoba.

Lumina Noctis Jasmine Facial Serum is made with 100% all natural concentrated botanical goodness, full of beneficial antioxidants and the essence of skin-loving, nourishing herbs, flowers, and plant oils: including evening primrose, meadow foam, and jojoba. Jasmine oil helps rejuvenate skin, protects from environmental stressors, and helps give skin a youthful, radiant appearance. This serum is formulated to be wonderful for all skin types - it will not clog pores, but it marvelous for moisturizing and deeply nourishing skin. 

Lumina Noctis Jasmine Facial Serum has a beautiful, romantic scent of perfumer's jasmine, elevating your skincare regimen into a daily beauty ritual for body, mind and soul. Available here:


Photography and perfumery are connected for me: branching from the same source of Romantic inspiration. With both, it is important to take in every moment by appreciating the beauty inherent in all things, and infusing layers of meaning into everyday life: whether that is an irreplaceable moment captured on camera, or an important memory directly connected to scent.

A Romantic Woodland Valentine - Featuring Silvan Arts

Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching, and I'm feeling inspired by deep jewel-tones, folk woodcut prints, botanical accessories, romantic flowing silk textiles, and the craftsmanship of talented artisans from around the world! Today, I wanted to style a Valentine's inspiration photoshoot featuring one of my favorite artisans: Silvan Arts.


In this Valentine's photoshoot for Silvan Arts, we featured Anne Marie Bottcher's beautiful handiwork, as well as other wonderful handmade Valentine-themed items by talented artisans on Etsy. At Luminous Creative Studio, we have a passion for showcasing and supporting the incredible work of small art businesses all year long!


New Hampshire-based shop owner and creator Anne Marie Bottcher has a remarkable eye for detail and impeccably elegant taste. She creates stunning one-of-a-kind botanical jewelry from recycled silver and gorgeous gemstones like labradorite, peridot, amethyst, and garnet. She also creates pendants, rings, and bracelets inspired by medieval cathedrals and beautiful organic Art Nouveau details (everything I love!) 

In this photoshoot, we featured her work with a stunning heart-shaped ivy necklace with moonstone that glimmers with an otherworldly glow. I adore Silvan Art's jewelry and wear it daily, as it feels so wonderful to wear.


The floral hairpiece traveled all the way from Austria, handmade by Slovak brand Magaela Accessories! As someone with Slovakian heritage, I adore these beautiful hairpieces. This red and purple floral piece was specifically chosen for this photoshoot to compliment the rich, jewel-toned color scheme of deep plum and carnelian red.


Silvan Art's jewelry is handmade with recycled hand-sculpted sterling silver. It feels so luxurious to wear a piece of art jewelry that has been sculpted - all of Anne Marie's pieces have a wonderful feeling about them. I love being able to wear a one-of-a-kind treasure from the garden by wearing Silvan Arts: a delightful collaboration of artist + nature.


I have found that these oxidized rainbow moonstone drop earrings by Etsy seller Blissaria compliment all my Silvan Arts moonstone pieces perfectly, and I often wear the two together! I wear these moonstone earrings almost daily - love them!


Makeup was done by Luminous Creative Studio, featuring lipsticks and foundation by cruelty-free, all natural, vegan indie cosmetics line Etherealle, featuring deep red lipstick shade Carnelian custom blended with a little deep purple Delphyne (my favorite!) The eyeshadow was the "Natural Love" palette of colors by Too-Faced, which is a wonderfully versatile shimmering romantic color palette. Both the Etherealle lipsticks and Too-Faced palette can be easily worn for every day, or amped up with buildable colors for extra drama.

SilvanValentine-23 copy.jpg

"My heart leaps" is a beautiful woodcut print card by UK-based artist and Etsy seller CeliaHart and features two leaping hares in a twiggy heart with birds and primroses. This artwork is inspired by the hares racing over the fields in spring-time near her studio in the Suffolk countryside.


Whether you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind gift for your love this Valentine's Day or simply wish to treat a friend, relative, or yourself, you will certainly find the perfect gift to please everyone at Silvan Arts!

Silvan Arts Shop:

Silvan Arts on Facebook

Silvan Arts on Instagram:


Enchanted Faerietale Garden Romance: Meg & Roland

Last week it was a whopping 9 degrees out, with roads and fields covered in snow and ice: the kind of cold that chills you to the core at the very heart of winter. On a day that frigid, I was elated to join Meg and Roland for a photo adventure into a lush garden oasis at a local greenhouse! As soon as we entered, we were enveloped by warm tropical air, and a stunning jungle of exotic plants. Ah, bliss!


Meg's dress was a stunning choice for their faerietale garden romance photoshoot. It was originally a vintage dress that she acquired, creatively altered and made her own. The beading on the bodice was gorgeous and elaborately detailed, and the sleeves were fit for a queen! The golden leaf headpiece she wore perfectly completed the utterly romantic faerietale look. With a sweeping train, she looked like royalty on holiday - with her handsome love by her side for an exotic garden adventure.


Gorgeous pink blooms, ferns and wildly growing ivy surrounded Meg and Roland as the explored the gardens. I could not get enough of this beautiful tunnel of flowers and greenery! I had to capture a few ethereal portrait shots of Meg enjoying the flowers.


I love her playful spirit, and feel that these photos of her amongst the flowers showcase her vibrant personality! Candid shots perfectly capture the joy of a moment.


Further on they ventured, exploring deeper into the hidden corners of the greenhouse. 


One of my favorite plants we discovered that day was some mysteriously otherworldly and gorgeous hanging moss. I have resolved to make myself a greenhouse someday, solely so I can have a hanging curtain of moss around all the time! Moss is utterly romantic, with stunning texture, and really adds a touch of mystery and beauty to these photos. We took countless pictures amongst that glorious curtain of moss. Here are a few of them!


Roland absolutely rocked a mysterious and stoic expression for his portraits: perfectly fitting with the curtain of moss for the background!


I adore this moody capture, for something reminiscent of Romanticism: more dramatic, with an extra air of mystery. 


...and of course followed by some playful snaps of their adorable antics!


I loved capturing the candid laughs and joy of these two! 


I am in love with these orange trees: I adore fruit/citrus elements incorporated in florals, and the sunny citrus inspiration via the cascade of oranges overhead was most welcome on such a cold winter day. You can feel the warmth in the photos!


A gorgeous and tropical bush of coral flowers made for an equisite backdrop for more couple's shots. I am always hunting for what will beautifully frame the subject, and further enhance the feeling of the overall picture.


I saw these soft magenta flowers and thought they would make for a stunning background for some ethereal and luminscent portraits of Meg! 


What a gorgeous ring! No shoot is complete without getting a picture of the ring.


Thanks Meg and Roland for a wonderful afternoon of photo adventuring!

Gillian & Rafael' s Wedding Celebration & Housewarming

On September 3rd, 2017, my lovely friends Gillian and Rafael opened their new home to host a beautiful wedding reception and housewarming gathering. The warmth and positive energy from relatives, friends, and loved ones made a beautiful space even all the more welcoming!


Everything about their celebration was beautiful: from the delicious spread of vegan food, to the vibrant wildflowers and vintage-inspired floral embroidered gown that looked like it came straight out of a faerietale dream!


It was a joy to see how so many family and friends came together to help make their day truly memorable. From helping to assemble stunning bouquets of flowers, to baking an exquisite floral-patterned raspberry chocolate cake, to creating a feast - a strong sense of love and community was present that day! 


I was in awe of this exquisite floral patterned cake Leah Cohen made - it was a chocolate cake with incredible raspberry icing, topped with vibrant wildflowers! Jocelynn Ritchey carefully arranged the cake on the table, where a delicious and eye-catching feast awaited guests.


A canvas and paints had been set up, where guests were encouraged to paint whatever they wished. Of course, a painterly garden of colorful wildflowers emerged as the day went on! It was such fun to see the garden of flowers grow on the canvas throughout the day.


Everything looked right at home nestled amongst glowing garden lights on a romantic backdrop of trailing ivy. Flower girls wearing pink dresses and flower crowns searching for berries in the garden - that pretty much sums up the beauty and joy of the day!


Every detail of Gillian's home is always carefully curated and decorated in layers of lush beauty that is a delight to the senses, and resonates with vintage nostalgia, ethereal colors, quirky accents, a color-coordinated rainbow bookshelf of dreams, and a closet full of visually lush treasures you could get lost in for hours. I love Gillian's beautiful uniqueness, impeccable taste, and unapologetic love / pursuit of beauty and truth. 


Who wields a hammer and starts hanging up pictures in her wedding dress? This woman right here!


Raf is a proud #1 cat dad, lover of music, and both he and Gillian are passionate individuals that care deeply for the wellbeing of other people and animals. They are both devoted activists for change. His openness and enthusiasm is inspiring, and he no doubt has helped others be more confident in gaining their own voice to be heard!


Their passion for life is contagious, and all who know them can attest that it is truly a wonderful thing that these two have joined forces in this world - a world which desperately needs more people like them who care deeply about the well-being of others, and who live life with purpose. People who have hope for the world and see what it could be, and aspire to change it to something better: Those who have not given up hope are always so desperately needed and appreciated.


It was a beautiful, memorable day that all who attended will look back upon with gladness. Cheers to you both, and may you have a lifetime of happiness!