Business Photography Feature - Lumina Noctis // Artisan Botanical Perfumery & Herbal Apothecary

Some of you may know that along with photography and graphic design, I love natural perfumery and herbal skincare. I recently orchestrated a stylized photoshoot for my botanical boutique Lumina Noctis, highlighting some of my favorite handmade natural products. Here are a few sneak peeks of the freshly edited promotional product shots! (More are coming soon, but they won't be released until the new website is launched).

As always, Luminous Creative Studio is dedicated to supporting other small businesses and artisans. I would love nothing more than to set up a photography session for your business, whether you need new product photos, fresh content for social media, headshots, and more. Please feel free to visit for more examples of my graphic design / branding work as well: Whatever you dream, we can accomplish it together! 

All photographs, editing, branding, art direction, product concept, development and production are by me. Special thanks to lovely model Meg Eubank for providing gorgeous costuming and displaying these Lumina Noctis products with such elegance and grace! 


ROSE FACIAL SERUM - This heavenly all natural triple rose facial serum is carefully made with a time intensive process of extracting the rich floral essence from rose petals, combined with a beautiful rose oil and lightweight antioxidant rich proprietary plant carrier oil that is excellent for all skin types. It leaves your skin moisturized, smooth, and divinely scented.

Friends, I LIVE for this serum. I use it all year long, and is an absolute life-saver in winter. I honestly don't know how people do life in winter without it! It helps my makeup go on smoothly and smells incredible. I also enjoy using it to tame flyaways, as a luxurious hair oil, and to add moisture love to any area that needs it.

Lumina Noctis Rose Facial Serum has a beautiful, romantic scent of perfumer's rose, elevating your skincare regimen into a daily beauty ritual for body, mind, and soul. Available here:


KUMQUAT BLOSSOM PERFUME - Handmade drop by drop, this perfume features notes of euphoric kumquat, uplifting orange blossom, neroli, lemon blossom, nectarine, peach, black currant, orange, green apple, lemon, and green mandarin notes atop a heart of floral jasmine, lily, ylang, and honey, with a hint of earthy vetiver in the drydown.

Kumquat Blossom is a unique white-floral scent with a bitter orange heart to give it depth and complexity. This scent is special to Luminous Creative Studio's endeavors in particular, as it has been a hit at my wedding photography expos. I spray some of it around my booth, and within minutes people flock to my booth saying "OH, what is that wonderful smell?!" 

This perfume is available here:


JASMINE FACIAL SERUM - 100% Natural Floral Jasmine, Green Tea, & Healing Botanical Antioxidant Serum // Romantic Jasmine Scent with Nourishing Evening Primrose, Meadowfoam, & Jojoba.

Lumina Noctis Jasmine Facial Serum is made with 100% all natural concentrated botanical goodness, full of beneficial antioxidants and the essence of skin-loving, nourishing herbs, flowers, and plant oils: including evening primrose, meadow foam, and jojoba. Jasmine oil helps rejuvenate skin, protects from environmental stressors, and helps give skin a youthful, radiant appearance. This serum is formulated to be wonderful for all skin types - it will not clog pores, but it marvelous for moisturizing and deeply nourishing skin. 

Lumina Noctis Jasmine Facial Serum has a beautiful, romantic scent of perfumer's jasmine, elevating your skincare regimen into a daily beauty ritual for body, mind and soul. Available here:


Photography and perfumery are connected for me: branching from the same source of Romantic inspiration. With both, it is important to take in every moment by appreciating the beauty inherent in all things, and infusing layers of meaning into everyday life: whether that is an irreplaceable moment captured on camera, or an important memory directly connected to scent.