We believe that the soul needs places untouched by industry, and our mission is to help preserve wild natural places that provide a safe haven for countless precious species. Our mission is to help spread the love of nature and protect ecosystems and biological diversity by supporting organizations that help save our vanishing rainforests. A portion of the proceeds of our wedding photography services will be donated to the effort of saving precious rainforests and protecting the irreplaceable, remarkable wildlife that call it home.


Collaborate with us and help preserve beautiful wild spaces.


A portion of all our wedding photography proceeds goes towards Rainforest Trust, a wonderful organization that is helping preserve and protect our vanishing rainforests! We chose Rainforest Trust as our charity, because 100% of donations go directly towards conservation action, and that is truly spectacular. Let's make a difference together!

By choosing Luminous as your photographer, you have already directly helped contribute to saving and permanently protecting 106 ACRES of precious rainforest - home to endangered wildlife and indigenous tribes of people.

That is 106 acres that were in danger before and are now permanently protected. That is something to truly celebrate - the far-reaching, powerful impact of love!

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Luminous has a passion for helping support and advocate for the causes of non-profit organizations, including but not limited to:

  • Environmental protection/ rainforest preservation

  • Recovery and support from sex-trafficking and abuse

  • Providing resources and humanitarian aid to the poverty-stricken

  • Helping support homeless children and animals

  • Bringing the healing power of the arts to people in need

Luminous offers complimentary photography services to non-profits as we are able, and only request that travel expenses be covered. We process complimentary photography requests as we are able to accommodate them. 

Please get in touch with us via the Non-Profit Photography contact form to learn more. Let's make a difference together!

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